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Leaking pipes can be a nightmare for Union homeowners and business owners alike, and which is worse - the sudden gushing leak or the slow hidden one that suddenly appears as damage to a ceiling or wall? Both can be disastrous and all leaking pipes need to be examined and repaired quickly.

If you experience a burst or leaking pipe, don't panic. First turn off the water supply to the damaged pipe. This might be the valve under the kitchen or bathroom sink or you may need to locate and turn off the main water supply valve. This will be close to the building's incoming water source. Shutting off the water will stop the water damage from getting worse. Now call Plumbing Service Group at 973-839-1691. You can even submit the contact form on this Website - we will call you back promptly.

Any type of plumbing can leak. But if you can see the source of it in your plumbing it may be helpful for you to know something about the type of pipe you see. There are several types of pipes: galvanized, copper and plastic.

Galvanized plumbing pipes are metal that is not copper color and is found in older homes. It is not used in modern plumbing. Galvanized pipes eventually rust from the inside out so it is hard to identify problem pipes until they burst or leak. But they will leak eventually so it's a good idea to replace them whenever the opportunity arises. If you need to open a wall or ceiling and expose galvanized pipes you may want to replace them.

Copper plumbing pipes come in different types for different uses. Type L is used for interior hot and cold water supply lines. Type M is the thinnest of the types and is also used for interior hot and cold water supply lines. DWV pipes are used for the drain-waste system and for the vent system. Copper is more expensive than plastic, but in most cases it provides a higher quality and longer lasting plumbing job.

Plastic plumbing pipes are easy to work with, lightweight, and durable. PVC plumbing is white and are approved for cold water use only. CPVC plumbing is beige and are approved for use in hot or cold water service lines. Polyethylene is black and approved for cold water use and Polybutylene plumbing is gray or beige, is flexible and approved for hot and cold service lines.

Call Plumbing Service Group and describe your plumbing problem to us. We're your neighborhood plumber in Union, New Jersey and we're ready to help, no matter how small the plumbing need. SERVICE is our middle name!

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