Boiler Repair and New Boiler Installation for Union, NJ

Just like every home in New Jersey needs a shower and toilet in good working order, it also needs an efficiently functioning boiler. The sooner you recognize the signs of an imminent plumbing problem or boiler burnout and talk to your plumber, the better it will be for keeping your house as comfortable as it should be. The team at the Plumbing Service Group will be happy to help you with fixture and boiler repairs as well as finding the right replacement boiler for your needs when the time comes.

Getting Through the Winter in Comfort

Getting through the summer without a boiler in good working order might not be too much of an issue, but you can’t survive a New Jersey winter without it! If you want to keep yourself and your family as comfortable as possible, your boiler should be as efficient as possible. At the Plumbing Service Group, we can repair your boiler, perhaps upgrade it with a more efficient burner boiler or even install a new, more efficient boilder so you can truly enjoy the comforts of home.

Advantages of a Working Boiler

  • Even, Effective Heating. Whether you are experiencing a complete lack of heat or just unevenness in your heating system, both of these situations can make for a very uncomfortable New Jersey winter. An efficient boiler will not only give you the heat you need on demand; it will also heat your home or workplace evenly, for maximum comfort
  • Long Working Life. Showers, toilets, and boilers are all indispensible, with significant expenses to purchase and operate. In all cases, new, more efficient models of shower heads, toilets and boilers are available. The life span of a boiler is relatively predictable, with most boilers lasting through about 15 New Jersey winters before either developing problems or becoming outmoded. But there are steps you can take to ensure that your boiler lasts as long as possible, including annual professional maintenance. If your current boiler has not been regularly serviced, or is approaching 15 years in age, it’s a good idea to talk to the professionals at the Plumbing Service Group in Union, NJ to give it a check-up and discuss your overall heating experience. Then, when the time comes for boiler replacement, you’ll be knowledgeable about your heating needs and options.

The Plumbing Service Group is happy to help tune-up, repair or help determine your options for a new, more efficient boiler. Plumbing Service Group is located in Union, NJ and serves all of Northern New Jersey.

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