What Greater Union, NJ Area Homeowners Should Know About Converting Their Boiler from Oil to Gas

Does your home’s current boiler in Union, NJ run on oil? If so, then you may benefit from converting to a gas-fired boiler system. Read on for information that every homeowner should know about oil to gas boiler conversions. gas - system

Oil to gas conversion may save you money.

As an oil-fired burner ages, the expense of running it increases significantly, as does the fluctuating cost of fuel oil. The cost of using a natural gas-fired boiler, however, has remained relatively stable. It’s because of this that many homeowners are making the switch from oil to gas. Also, if you are thinking about replacing your current oil-fired boiler, then you have a good reason to consider a gas conversion.

You need access to natural gas.

About a third of the residential heating systems in the Northeast use oil-fired burners because of the proximity to ports for oil barges, and oil was the more cost-effective option when the homes were built. Oil is delivered by truck, but natural gas is transported through a pipe and into your house. This means that your street needs to have a gas main beneath it for an oil to gas conversion to be an option. Fortunately, due to the dense population in most of Northern New Jersey, natural gas is readily available in most areas.

You can enjoy several benefits.

Both standard and high-efficiency gas-fired boiler equipment tend to be less costly than their oil-fired counterparts. This and the fact that using natural gas is less expensive long-term makes oil to gas conversion a smart choice for anyone planning to replace their boiler and who has access to natural gas for their home. Also, the total cost of making the conversion to gas may pay itself off in about 5 years. Finally, gas has lower carbon emissions, making it a more environmentally-friendly option when compared to oil.

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